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The Ugly Truth: Becoming a Man Isn’t Pretty, Ugliness Helps You Just Be a Man

You’re gonna hear a lot of politically correct fluffy bunny-rabbit bullshit about what it means to be a real Man.  Ignore it.  Especially when it it contradicts with what you feel in your Man Gut.  Newsflash:  Building yourself as a … Continue reading

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The Secret to Growing Manhood 10x Easier. Just Be a Man: Build Life Momentum, Build “Man Momentum”

You cannot succeed in life, much less Manhood, without Life Momentum.  But if you build it, everything becomes 10x easier. This topic is so important I considered delaying writing it until I had more time to commit.  But it needs … Continue reading

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Critique from strength, because otherwise you’re just whining

Critiquing from weakness is whining.  Whining is the language of women and children.  If your brain speaks it, it’s because you’re a pussy. One of the weakest phrases in the English language is “Why me?”  It hurts me just to … Continue reading

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A dick and wrinkles doesn’t equal Manhood.

Having a dick and a few wrinkles doesn’t make you a Man. It’s a start.  But it guarantees jack.  The amount of kids running around pretending to be Men is staggering.  Somewhere along the line, they lost their way.  Or … Continue reading

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