Don’t Just Kill Your Inner Child, Brutally Murder him.

Don’t just kill your inner child, brutally murder him.

If you find yourself speaking as a loser to a cool kid, an indentured servile employee to a boss, a supplicating comedian to an audience, a try hard friend to an alpha male, if you find yourself even having an “inner child,” then I have some hard truth for you;  there’s MURDER to be done. 

By and large, there’s no faking.  You can’t “pretend” half the time to be a Man, and the rest of it be the kid you are, just like you can’t fake being a child to make your parents think they have their little baby around, or fake being weak when you’re muscles are bulging.  If you’re faking childhood, you ARE a child, because Manhood is almost 100% incompatible with weakness, faked or not.  You either have the inner child, or you’re too much of a Man to have one any more.  If you have one, he’s gonna be vying for attention, trying to keep you in the role of a child and robbing your Manhood of its Steel.  If you have one, then theres no room for a Man, because, by and large, the two cannot coexist in the same person.  If you want to truly reach your manhood, you’re gonna have to give up supplication, the ease of weakness, the safety of giving someone else leadership over yourself.  You’re going to have to sacrifice the inner child on the altar of Manhood.

This is why we used to have coming-of-age rituals for boys going on Men.  Why fully realized African tribespeople still do.  To make the sacrifice overt, bloody and recognized by the inner child.  It’s too late, your time is up, time to die little boy.  It’s brutal, bloody, dangerous, and perfectly clear to the Man-to-be and his grasping inner child that, by the end of the torturous days, weeks, months, the boy will have died, and the Man will have taken over the entire body.

I want you to know what a Man is.  That’s the whole damn point of this blog.  Because if you know, you can pursue.  If you know what a Man is, then everything it is not, you will realize, has to die.

Do it, murder your little childish weak self, so you can

Just Be a Man.

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