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The Definition of MAN: What it Means to Be a Man.

So fucking sickening to me, manboys explaining the stupid things they’ve done in pathetic attempts to be real Men.  They brag, but they just don’t get it.  Manhood isn’t equal to sweating little details like walking, working and speaking like … Continue reading

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The Most Important Choice That Only YOU Make: To Be a Man

Let me make something damn clear for you.  To me, you are nothing, and to you, I should be nothing, your enemies should be nothing, and any obstacle whatsoever outside of the one and only obstacle that has ever caused you … Continue reading

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How Great Sex Equals a Great Life – Just Be a Man to Be Good At Both

It’s pretty shocking just how f@#$ing similar getting laid as a Man is to gaining success as a Man.  If you can’t see that, then perhaps you don’t know what the f@#% it means to be a Man. Let’s look … Continue reading

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