Critique from strength, because otherwise you’re just whining

Critiquing from weakness is whining.  Whining is the language of women and children.  If your brain speaks it, it’s because you’re a pussy.

One of the weakest phrases in the English language is “Why me?”  It hurts me just to write it.  I feel my balls shriveling up.  This phrase should never be in the thoughts of anyone, much less Men.  If you find yourself complaining, whining, or asking ‘why me,’ you have a masculine duty to shoot yourself.  Stab yourself like one of those ballsy Japanese warlords who lost a minor battle.  Or better yet, move from a place of weakness to a place of power.  Complain to change, critique to lay down a plan and, once you’ve laid down that plan, don’t ask ‘why me,’ but intead ask, with gusto…

Why NOT goddamnit?

Just be a Man already.

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