Bragging or Boasting Will Only KILL Your Manhood, Not ENHANCE It


Sack up and stop being a whiny braggart.  If you have to shout or boast or brag about what a Man you are, or slyly drop hints all the time about it, then you’re probably a little overcompensating boyman at heart.

This is just the beginning of this topic and if have any element of Manhood at all then you’ll probably get it instantly or already know it.  If you try to cover for your shrunken testicles by boasting, then you’re just overcompensating.  Don’t waste your time because everyone sees through it.

I sat across from some little boy, who happened to be in his mid-to-late thirties by circumstance, and he was boasting about something he’d done.  I told him, matter of factly, that what he’d done was a complete asshole move.  He responded instantly, “I’m a predator!  I don’t care if I’m an asshole.  I say more power to me.  The strongest wins out.  The predator eats the little beasts.  I’m ok with that.”

Or some such drivel…

Five minutes later he was trying to convince me how the situation was different, not as bad as he’d first explained it to me.  “You’re not ok with being an asshole,” I said.  He kept whining that he was fine with it, but the truth was pretty obvious.  Actually, the truth had been obvious for a while.

Being an asshole isn’t being a Man, but the point is that he felt he needed to accentuate his Manhood, and that bragging would somehow do this.  People often believe this crap.  They think that Manhood is only in the bold and the brash and what people see.  They think being an asshole is Manhood.  They think that playing pretend that they are Men is somehow better than a little girl playing pretend that she’s a grown women.

It.  Doesn’t. Work.  Manhood doesn’t need everyone to know it’s there.  It’s strength of purpose, defying all challenges, and it’s achieving that purpose that matters, not making sure that everyone goes deaf from hearing about your achievements all day.  It has nothing to do with what people see or believe.

This is so important I’m going to write it again.  Manhood has nothing to do with what people see or what people believe.

And trying to make them believe or think something is like chopping one of your balls off.  It gets deep to the heart of your Manhood and rots it.  It stifles the growth of the most important part of your Manhood, the part that ignores challenge, ignores criticism, ignores obstacles.  Playing pretend panders to non-existent obstacles, it acknowledges and creates them, and all of a sudden you’re NOT defying challenges, you’re CREATING them where they don’t exist.  In the minds of others.  So instead of ignoring challenges to reach your purpose, you’re letting yourself get tripped up in a childish fiction that goes on only in your own boyman little head.  The progress of your Manhood just came to a screeching halt.

Some of the most powerful parts of Manhood are barely seen or heard.  You’ll see the waves they make, but you won’t see them enter the water.  You’ll see Manhood like this in what people take for granted, what they assume, what they don’t do.  But I’ll get to that in other articles, until then…

Just Be A Man

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