Manhood Won’t Give You Cheap Pleasures

It’s really kind of annoying.  Hearing kids pine after the experience of Manhood, without realizing that Manhood will not gratify them like they want.  It’s not an orgasm.  It’s not paradise.  It’s not Buddha meditating on a hilltop.  It’s a tough job that somebody’s gotta do.

What Men get from Manhood isn’t complex or subtle.  It’s the satisfaction of doing the needful, moving to a great Purpose, achieving what is required.  Manhood won’t  satisfy you with an incredible emotional pleasure spike, won’t make you laugh or squeal or gush like a child, in fact, most things will be trivialized when set next to your Purpose.  You’ll lie bloody on the field, but in victory, and the rush you get will be that of a champion, but you’re a Man, so it won’t last.

You’re not going to sit on that field, on a pile of laurels, celebrating like a newborn getting a breast to suck on.  You’re not going to do that because you’ll have become a Man, and your life will be about moving FORWARD, not sitting down, to GREAT PURPOSE, not to your own pleasure, and against OBSTACLES, and that’s the rub.  Without the obstacles, your Manhood will remain unused, and you won’t be able to stand that.  The Formula One car is meant to be driven, and it doesn’t “sit” well in a museum celebrating past glories.

There will be a thrill.  There’s no doubt there.  But it’ll be thrill of every moment on your purpose, it’ll be the rushing in your ears, the blood pounding in your head, the primal scream building in your lungs.  It will feel REAL, it will feel STRONG, it will feel RAW, and you will be satisfied.  But you won’t be pleasured.  Forget about that.

Are you really ready for this son?  Sure, Manhood isn’t all there is to your life, you’re probably going to be moved, to keep being moved by other crap in your life, you’ll still have time for celebration and pleasure, but your purpose will dominate and the trivial colors of the rest of your life, the rest will fade greyer in comparison.  It’s a huge trade-off, and if you’re hell bent on trivial crap like roses, chocolate and orgasms, then it’s a Sacrifice.

Are you really ready for this son?

Make your choice.  You don’t have to make your life all about Manhood, you don’t have to be the epitomy of Manhood, hell you don’t even have to be half a Man, you’re just meant to be.  Figure it out, do you really want to…

Just Be a Man.

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2 Responses to Manhood Won’t Give You Cheap Pleasures

  1. Diddly Dangerous says:

    Great article, happy to see a new one. I’ve read through them all after the first few resonated with me. There is a total lack of writing devoted to attaining manhood. Nobody else delivers this type of message which makes it pretty much invaluable. I hope there’s enough reason somewhere for you to keep involved with this project and that other people will continue to stumble onto it and reexamine their purpose as men. (I followed a link from a comment on the Art of Manliness.)

  2. justbeaman says:

    Diddly. I do appreciate the feedback. I agree there’s a lack of frank, informed discussion about this. There’s more to say, and as I deal with my other priorities I’ll add to this blog. It’s satisfying to know it’s having a positive effect.

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