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The Ugly Truth: Becoming a Man Isn’t Pretty, Ugliness Helps You Just Be a Man

You’re gonna hear a lot of politically correct fluffy bunny-rabbit bullshit about what it means to be a real Man.  Ignore it.  Especially when it it contradicts with what you feel in your Man Gut.  Newsflash:  Building yourself as a … Continue reading

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Be a Man: It’s Who you ARE, Not What You DO

It’s not what you do, damnit, it’s who you are that makes you a Man.  This is easy to learn. Men do lots of things.  Often the same things.  Play guys’ sports, drink beer, work with their hands, fight.  And sometimes, it’s … Continue reading

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Be Grateful You’re Not a Douche, Cultivate Gratitude For Your Strength, Take Responsibility

Gratitude strengthens.   Gratitude for your balls will grow them.  Doesn’t matter to who, God, your parents, your friends, whatever. Thank you God, for making me the kind of Man who takes responsibility, and not the kind of little boy … Continue reading

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Be a Man: The Wrong Priorities Will Destroy Your Manhood

Do you know the difference between wuss priorities and a real Man’s priorities?  Letting go of your desires won’t make you a real Man and meditating on nothing all day won’t grow your balls.  You have to learn what priorities … Continue reading

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Real Men Work HARDER Instead of Resting Up

I’m sick.  Boo hoo.  My lymph nodes are swelled up like balloons and it feels like my throat is filled with jagged edged rocks.  So here’s a quick quiz.  Would it be the best time for a)  laying back with … Continue reading

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