The Secret to Growing Manhood 10x Easier. Just Be a Man: Build Life Momentum, Build “Man Momentum”

You cannot succeed in life, much less Manhood, without Life Momentum.  But if you build it, everything becomes 10x easier.

This topic is so important I considered delaying writing it until I had more time to commit.  But it needs to be said immediately.  Plus, I’m so damn sick of hearing people quit so early on, when this little “secret” could have revolutionized their life.

“Oh, I tried that, it didn’t work!”  My wussy little acquaintances used to say, when they asked and I bothered to tell them how they’d f’d up their careers, their diets, their lives, whatever.  It was so clear to me, what they did wrong, what they needed to do to fix it, how to make it easy.  But they were morons.  And, in a way, I didn’t know then how to explain how damn easy things become when you’ve built up steam.

Momentum is what even a 90-pound weakling has when he’s running full speed towards you.  Though you might be double his weight, he’s still gonna knock you back.  Momentum is what a penny has when it’s thrown off the Empire States building.  Momentum is what even the smallest thing can build to access true power.  But it doesn’t just happen in physical things.  There’s life momentum, there’s Man momentum.  And the same principles apply.  It’s a FORCE multiplier.  And it’s one that, if you ignore, you’re a fool.  If you’re a boy that ignores it, you’ll always be a wuss.

This can’t just be an academic thing for you.  You can’t just understand this on an academic level and expect it to help you become a Man.  You have to truly feel it, down to your balls, you have to make it part of your character that, if a thing doesn’t have Momentum, it’s worthless to judge it, its worthless to you (don’t be a moron).  So if you haven’t worked out, consecutively, for a few months straight, it’s useless to talk about your experiences.  If you haven’t immersed yourself in Manhood, day in and day out, for months on end, you can’t resign yourself to being a boy.  If you haven’t put your all into your job, for months/years, you can’t say it’s not working for you.  This has to be your principle as a Man.  Sure you’ll talk first impressions, but you reserve judgment until you see the thing with some Momentum attached.

But I’m still minimizing it’s importance.  It’s MORE than just having a depth of experience.  That’s the first bullshit step.  But it’s nothing compared to the most important aspect of momentum.  Take a bit to read this next sentence and let it sink in, it’s damn important:

Only when you’ve built momentum in an action will it become more than what you “do,” will it become what you ARE.

This is priceless information.  Make it a part of your identity.  Because it has to do with being a Man as much as it has to do with anything else.  When you do something once, twice, thrice, it’ll be interesting.  You’ll learn stuff. But only when you’ve done it repeatedly will the momentum carry you forward, and only when the momentum carries you forward will you accept it as part of your own Identity, and only when it’s part of your own IDENTITY does it become EASY.

Manhood included.  Sure, talk loud now and again.  Face your fears on an off.  Compete violently with yourself for a bit.  Find your manly pace sporadically.  You’ll grow.  But it’s not going to access Momentum.  Its not FREQUENT enough.  And that, at the end of the day, is what you  need to understand about Momentum, that it’s tied to FREQUENCY.  When you do something frequently enough, you start to adopt an IDENTITY tied to that action/thought/role.  That identity shift both makes you better at what you do, and makes it much, much easier.  So the benefits of repeated tasks are MAGNIFIED and MULTIPLIED by Frequency.

There is a difference between doing three sessions of anything, a week apart, and doing three sessions within three days.  The result of the first is 1+1+1 = 3.  The result of the second is 1+2+3 = 6.  The momentum and identity-shift of the action stays in your system and is accessed and built upon with every frequent session.  That momentum will stick around for a bit, the longer the more you’ve built it up.  Frequency is KING.

Now think about adding more consecutive actions and how the effectiveness of the last example would grow with more time.  Eventually the returns of a single action become astronomical.  They’ll be so large that you’ll see spillover into other areas you didn’t even think were related to the first.  THAT is how someone becomes a Man.  Not by doing something for seven days scattered across a month, but by doing something seven days in in a row, consecutively, whether or not the rest of the month is empty.  (Don’t be a moron, there are some things that can’t be done on consecutive days, like heavy workouts.  And don’t be a bigger moron, consecutive usually doesn’t mean you can coast by the rest of the time…)

This is why I put out regular articles.  Because if my readers can’t expose themselves to Strength, regularly, then change will be tough.  I build Man momentum in you, and exposing myself to this blog regularly builds writing momentum in me.  It spills over into Man-momentum.  It spills over into conversational momentum.  The results multiply.

A dozen pennies in a pool, one thrown in every few minutes, won’t create ripples.  But throw one in every quarter second for three seconds, then even pennies will make waves.  Get to it, get some life momentum, get some Man moment and

Just Be a Man

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