The Ugly Truth: Becoming a Man Isn’t Pretty, Ugliness Helps You Just Be a Man

You’re gonna hear a lot of politically correct fluffy bunny-rabbit bullshit about what it means to be a real Man.  Ignore it.  Especially when it it contradicts with what you feel in your Man Gut.  Newsflash:  Building yourself as a Man HURTS.  It’s not pretty.  Deal.

Sure there are plenty of real Men out there that didn’t get that way through pain and ugliness.  But that’s not something you can count on once you’re “all growns up.”  You want to know what you can count on?  That when you’re in the middle of the field with your team, that shouting and grunting like some rabid prehistoric beast will give you that last boost of energy you need to win.  That winning will move you towards Manhood.

That when you go through a grueling few weeks of old-school military bootcamp, that the blood and pain and sweat hardens you up, but that it comes at first with the price of resentment and anger and, yeah, guess what, hatred.

Not so damn pretty eh?  I bet you have many people, women and boy-men most of them, lining up to tell you how hatred is bad, that it won’t make you into the kind of Man you want to be.  Wrong.  That’s like saying that your entire life will reflect the situation of your birth:  bloody, wrinkled and ugly.  Connected like a parasite to your mother.

Nope, you cut the cord.  And the pain of birth faded away.  And the blood was cleaned off.  And guess what, I’m betting you’re not still so damn ugly.  But the fact is you needed that traumatic beginning.  It’s just a fact of life.

And the same thing goes for Manhood.  Yeah, uh huh, nobody’s gonna deny that there are better, or at least more evolved things in this world than hatred, pain, anger and violent aggression, but the fact is that the boost those things give, used in the right places, will toughen you up and energize you.  If you make them your end all and be all, they may ruin more things than just your Manhood, but the truth is that they’re tied into testosterone dopamine and all those crazy friggin’ hormones that make you the Man you are.  And if you access them right, you might just jump start your way to being a Man.

Now don’t go all crazy on me.  I’m not saying your should, unguided, throw yourself into viciousness.  I’ve written a shit ton of stuff on this blog just so that you won’t have to go unguided into the deep.  Chart your course.  There are times for one thing, and times for another, and use this blog as regular guidance to help you figure out what’s what.  But don’t listen to bullshit whiners who dream that this world is made of fluffy pink bunnies and angel dust.  It’s not.  It’s a brutal existence with painful truths and harsh realities.  It’s got it’s own beauty, but that’s tucked under bone and guts truth, and unless you recognize which truths you need to access, unless you know where to focus your energies despite what the idealistic, naive and inexperienced pansies tell you, you’ll never learn to

Just Be a Man.

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3 Responses to The Ugly Truth: Becoming a Man Isn’t Pretty, Ugliness Helps You Just Be a Man

  1. JONESY says:

    100 % SOLID YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Bring the Vigorous always!

  2. justbeaman says:

    Hearing that out in the open feels good doesnt it. Thanks for the kudos.

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