Want to Increase Testosterone? Get ENEMIES.


Most people seeking Manhood RUN AWAY from one of the best ways to grow it; something that’s staring them in the face.  Their enemies.

It’s a common story.  Wuss wants to be a Man.  Wuss reads blogs and books, asks for help, then looks to grow his Manhood away from criticism and those who could pour salt on this newly blossoming flower.

Except that your Manhood isn’t a flower, boy.  And your enemies aren’t salt.  Your Manhood is a hot steel rod, and your critics are the water you use to cool and harden it.  Don’t be an idiot and run away from what you need.

Testosterone makes you hard-muscled and strong for a reason.  So you can take risks, those hard risks that the girls and boymen of the tribe can’t handle.  So you can go on the hunt, and take down the woolly mammoth when you need to, without cowering in fear.  So you can scream your throat raw and defend against the sabre-tooth, without turning to flee, and leaving the tribe without its strongest defense.

But this drug, this testosterone, means one more thing, it means you’ll puff up your chest and challenge the other Men of the tribe.  It’ll make you territorial, and jealous, and possibly angry.  And the thing about that kind of competitiveness, it feeds into itself.

You get competitive, you think about your critics, your enemies, those who don’t believe in you, those who want you to fail, and you stand up for an instant in your mind against that.  You say:  NO, NOT TODAY, TODAY I WIN, and guess what happens?

That’s right, a boost of testosterone.  A boost of Manhood.  A boost of being what you were born to be.  And you get more competitive.  And the cycle repeats.

Don’t run away from your enemies.  Embrace them.  Don’t run away from the sabre-tooth, revel in the battle.

You need this.  You need to

Just be a Man.

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