The Most Important Choice That Only YOU Make: To Be a Man

Let me make something damn clear for you.  To me, you are nothing, and to you, I should be nothing, your enemies should be nothing, and any obstacle whatsoever outside of the one and only obstacle that has ever caused you any difficulty in this life should mean less than the smallest nothing.  The only challenge you ever had was yourself.  That’s it.  Everything else is a lie.

Go ahead and think the guy who sneers at you at work is worth getting all uptight about.  Go ahead and think the bully who makes fun of you at school means squat to you.  Go ahead and pretend to the world, pretend to your friends, pretend to your family, pretend to the one who matters, yourself, that extraneous foreign entities can challenge your Manhood.  Go do that, and then come back fifty years later shivering with fear at the pretend-life you’ve made for yourself, and realize that the meaningless and countless beasts of the jungle have emasculated you.  You had a choice.  You always had a choice. I’ll say the same thing then that I do now.  You wasted your life growing, nurturing, cultivating that castrating plant of Fear for people who meant, at the end, nothing to your inner Man, who had no true control over your Manhood.

True Men, Real Men, are GREATER.  They’re not less.  Less than what?  Less than anything.  This truth is an inner one, and one they’ve chosen for themselves.  They recognize the truth of the inner Man and no one really shakes them, because no one else can have an effect on their Manhood.  Because people can’t affect their Manhood, they’re driven, single-minded, and rarely thrown off course.

“Oh, but my boss matters, he’ll fire me, that might hurt my Manhood.”

No.  Your boss can stop your paycheck, but he can’t demand that you become a wuss, that you do to yourself.

“Oh, but the bully beats me into a bloody pulp until I beg and cry and say uncle.”

He beats your face, he beats your body, he cuts your skin, he might even kick you in the balls, but your Manhood is something you sold out all on your own.

External factors make demands on you, there’s no denying that.  I’m not going to sit here and say that things outside of yourself don’t demand that you betray your inner Man to the horde.  I’m not going to lie, I’m not going to say that, for some of you every day, Life will demand from you your Manhood.  Sometimes through pain, sometimes through fear, sometimes even through love, but, and this is damn important…

It’s not Life’s choice to give up your Manhood, it’s YOURS.

It’s not the pain’s choice to cry uncle, it’s yours.   It’s not the fear’s choice to quiver like a scared doe in the corner, it’s yours.  It’s not love’s choice to turn into a sniveling wuss, it’s yours.  You can blame outside factors all you want, and sometimes I’ll understand.  I’m sure there’s some William Wallace, or hindu mystic, or CIA Agent who kept a straight face for days through torture, and then, at the end, skin peeled off, balls crushed between rocks, eyes poked out, face burned, at the end of the sessions of madness made the conscious choice to cry and whine and plead and beg for mercy.  I’m sure of it.  And I understand it.

But the choice still wasn’t up to the pain or loss.  The choice was still up to the Man.  And in the case of your cushy little life, absent physical torture or injections of emasculating drugs, in the absence of that, you have the upper hand, and if you give it up it’s you that’s doing it.

In the end, it’s yourself that is your only enemy.  In the end, you make that bloody choice.  Nobody else, you.  And so, in the end, it’s Your Own Self that must

Just Be a Man.

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3 Responses to The Most Important Choice That Only YOU Make: To Be a Man

  1. claudia says:

    Grand to see that warrior spirit is still alive in some men !!
    thanks for sharing ~

    (i have a powerpoint presentation on “leadership primers” by a Retired General i’d be happy to share w/ you.
    18 slides or so. i could e-mail it to you if interested – (uh, which address?)
    very best wishes,

  2. justbeaman says:

    Thanks. Would be greater to see it alive in all Men. That’s what this blog strives for.

    Presentation might give me ideas for blog posts. Thanks for the suggestion I’ll send you an email address.

  3. justbeaman says:

    Use the CONTACT JBAM form to send me your email address and I will send my own to that address.

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