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The Most Important Choice That Only YOU Make: To Be a Man

Let me make something damn clear for you.  To me, you are nothing, and to you, I should be nothing, your enemies should be nothing, and any obstacle whatsoever outside of the one and only obstacle that has ever caused you … Continue reading

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Be Grateful You’re Not a Douche, Cultivate Gratitude For Your Strength, Take Responsibility

Gratitude strengthens.   Gratitude for your balls will grow them.  Doesn’t matter to who, God, your parents, your friends, whatever. Thank you God, for making me the kind of Man who takes responsibility, and not the kind of little boy … Continue reading

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Real Men Work HARDER Instead of Resting Up

I’m sick.  Boo hoo.  My lymph nodes are swelled up like balloons and it feels like my throat is filled with jagged edged rocks.  So here’s a quick quiz.  Would it be the best time for a)  laying back with … Continue reading

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Be a Man, Take Responsibility for Your Choices and Gain Strength From It

It’s disgusting.  I can barely tolerate boys who say this, but keep pretending to be Men. Maybe there should be some sort of degree they need to earn, you know…  Before they’re allowed to grow balls.  I keep hearing the … Continue reading

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