Secret to Be a Man: How to Compensate for Years of Being a Wuss

Go on and keep being a wuss if you aren’t going to accept this simple fact.  You cannot walk out of a pit; you have to climb.  You being a wuss is a dark dank PIT you’ve dug for yourself over the course of your life.  What’s required?  Do the math.

People might counsel moderation, they might counsel balance, they might tell you to be easier on yourself…  And they might not know what the hell they’re talking about…  If you’ve been a Man your entire life and then had a moment of weakness, then perhaps simple advice like “be balanced” has an ounce of value.  Perhaps.  But clearly, if you’ve spent years, decades perhaps, building and re-enforcing the habits of boyhood, of weakness, then it’s going to take some extreme action, and more importantly an extreme focus, to get over that wall.

The habits of character are the hardest to overcome.  In high school, joining the basketball team takes some work, a hell of a lot more in college, and if you want to go pro, well you better have been working for it, building yourself, every day for the past decade, or you’ll have a hell of a time ahead of you.

I’m not going to lie to you bud, depending on how much of a wuss you are now, you have that kind of a time in your future  The reformation of character may not be as exclusive as pro-basketball, but it’s still damn hard.  And balance won’t help you one iota.  Not when you have an obstacle like that ahead of you.  Balance and moderation is a “maintenance level” of action.  Well you’re not going to lose weight by eating “maintenance level” calories.  You’re not gonna get on the team by doing “moderate” amounts of work.  You’re going to have to rip your guts out, slam them on the table, and then, after all that, double-down.

So how do you compensate for years of being a wuss?  You don’t.  You OVERcompensate.  You overshoot the mark.  You overdo the amount of effort.  You get extreme enough that people notice how single-minded you’ve become.  If you don’t have losers telling you to slow down and chill out a bit, then you’re not hitting it hard enough.

It might not last forever, but it’s usually necessary to do a basic reset of your head.  If you’ve undershot, then overshoot and things will average out in the end.  Character only changes when people go through a situation that puts their brain in crisis mode.    If you’re not going through one because of external circumstances, then you’re going to have to do it to yourself.  It’s martial law time, a military dictatorship of the brain, anything goes so anything can happen.

It isn’t just force of will.  Not if your will isn’t strong enough yet.  But what it is, (and I’ll write on that eventually, if I haven’t already) is excessive.  An excess that you need if you want your change to happen in months to years rather than decades to a lifetime.

So when people bitch and whine that you’re going too far, that you’re immoderate and unbalanced, remember that there’s a real Man’s work to be done and

Just Be a Man.

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1 Response to Secret to Be a Man: How to Compensate for Years of Being a Wuss

  1. DJ says:

    i love the entries on your website man. they’re real motivational and speak the truth that isn’t taught anywhere else.

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