Be a Real Man – Cheating Your Way to Manhood: Get “Training Wheels”

Don’t be stupid.  You can’t cheat your way all the way to anything.  But there are training wheels.  They’ll get you started sometimes, until your Manhood kicks in on its own.

Being a Man…  Being internally driven, oblivious to minor obstacles on your path to supremacy, being the alpha male, feeling entitled, feeling worthy, these things won’t usually happen overnight.  Like doing an Iron Man or squatting 400, it’s gonna take daily work to see any progress.  But if you’re truly screwed, starting from less than nothing, sometimes props like training wheels will get you started walking, squatting, or becoming a Man.

Guys who get into accidents do this all the time.  They use crutches, or supports to help them rehabilitate themselves.  Those with serious nerve damage have to completely retrain their nerves, and sometimes that takes a framework that holds them up for a while as they walk.  An injured soldier in Iraq had the motor center of his brain hit by a bullet, and the doctors said, at some point, he should give up hope.  His wife and a bunch of machines in his garage gave him gradually decreasing amounts of help (ie – training wheels) doing day to day tasks, and it’s been years now and he keeps getting better.  Imagine that discipline, day after day, for years, putting your heart into the same repetitive task for the remote dream that it’ll get easier.  Against everyone’s advice and expectations.  Imagine regrowing a part of your brain through sheer Willpower, with the help of a few crutches.  Imagine ultimate victory; being proven right when the tests say your motor cortex is actually regrowing.  Truly a Man, but this is getting off track.

So if you can’t walk, crutches for the first could help.  What’s a “Manhood” crutch?  Too many to count.  But basically it’s anything that helps you feel like a Man.  So you know what it feels like.  In the spirit of our fallen soldier, so your nerves remember what it’s like to move [like a Man.]  So your brain regrows. Any cheesy, empty, stupid method might be crutch and, since it depends on the individual, there are too many to count.  Manly music.  Some people hang around with kids who they can boss around.  Some people wear well-fitting, stylish clothes.  Some people get acne medication.  Some people, and I shudder to even say it, go where they can get externally validated easily.  Like a kid training to be a boxer putting over-sized kid gloves on his opponent until he learns to dodge.  The point is to get a bit of external help until the internal rebuilds itself.

THERE IS A HUGE DANGER TO MANHOOD CRUTCHES.  I’d be an ass if I didn’t underline that last bit and put it in bold.  So all my readers don’t go out go out to get crutches and screw themselves permanently, this needs to be pointed out.  The same problems arise as someone rehabilitating their legs.

You might get dependent.  You’ll use it for so long you feel you need it.  Instead of gradually reducing your dependency you’ll just keep being a user, not challenging yourself or, God forbid, increase your use it situations that get harder, instead of letting your internals strengthen through challenge.’

The point is that you have to keep challenging your balls. Greatly.  Small challenges are for wussies and boys.  Only big challenges lead to big balls.  If you get complacent, then the crutch has just become your addiction, your drug, and screwed you over.

And chances are you don’t even need some stupid crutch.  You haven’t been shot in the motor cortex of your brain for God’s sake get over yourself.  Grab your balls and

Just Be a Man.

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