Don’t Rush Your Manhood to Death

You only have two choices:  1.)  Move at the pace of your inner Man, or 2.)  Keep rushing and remain a pussy.  If you don’t find the PACE of your Manhood, you’re doomed to boyhood forever.

This is so important to your Manhood I can’t possibly overstate it.  You must stop rushing.  Inside you there’s a powerful, masculine Man, always strong, always in control of itself, and it moves, acts, thinks, speaks, does everything at its own pace. If you move faster, at a different pace, it’s not your MANhood moving you, but your out of control emotions, your wussy excitement, your boyhood eagerness, awkwardness and fear.

Don’t tell me you haven’t seen this shit everywhere. Notice it in any conversation you’ve ever heard between a boy and a Man.  Notice how the boys rush to fill the silence with bullshit talk?  The Men are comfortable with it.  They won’t rush it, they’ll speak at their pace.  Let me say that again:  Men move at their own pace, not at the pace of others, not at the pace of childish emotions.

And if you keep letting your childish emotions, your discomfort, your ill-controlled excitement, your fear, set the pace of your actions, then that’s it.  You can’t RUSH Manhood.  Rushing, at this stage of your development, is way too much.  Rushing is indicative of a sacrifice of control for speed.  Guess what’s giving up control when you rush things?  That’s right, it’s your Manhood.

A great shortcut to becoming a Man?  Slow down your pace.  Focus on that simple thing.  Slow yourself down until you’re in control of how you feel and what you’re doing. Why are you rushing anyways?  What’s the purpose?  Will things get done better?  When you speak quicker, for example, do people actually have better comprehension because you shove more words in every sentence, or do they remember less, understand less, and RESPECT YOU less?  That’s right.  You trying to show off, or fill the silence, or do stuff before others actually makes people respect you less.

In a way, patience is a defining feature of Manhood.  It sounds to others like a minor attribute.  Like a cherry on the cake, but it’s more like the submerged part of the glacier, far, far larger than the tip of the iceberg that you see on top.  Patience betrays resilience, dignity, poise and most importantly, control over emotions, over other forces that would set the pace.  The next time you find yourself rushing in a conversation, instead, make eye contact, try purposely pausing between sentences.  See how it changes the entire tenor of the interaction.

Just Be a Man

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