Your Mind is your MAN-hood’s Worst Enemy

Stop treating your Mind like your Manhood.  Don`t be naive.  Your logic and reason, your MIND, isn`t a tool reserved for your inner Man.  It can easily become the weapon of your subconscious wuss.  Don`t let it fall into the hands of your inner child.

Sure, our logic built civilization, our reason built science and education and literature and all the great feats of human culture and history from time immemorial.  But stop thinking that it’s under contract, that it bears any allegiance to your Manhood, that logic can be equated with Manhood.  It’s an idealistic concept, and hopelessly naive.  Your MIND is a free agent, and its no more loyal to your Manhood than Blackwater mercenaries are loyal to the U.S. population.

If you’re not superhuman, this should have become painfully obvious to you throughout your life.  Ever found yourself making excuses for not doing something?  Your logic, subservient to your inner wuss.  Ever made up a complicated reason not to go talk to that beautiful girl standing across the room from you?  Logic working overtime to excuse fear and weakness.  Told yourself you’re too tired to even attempt to workout, and that you should rest up so you can do an extra workout the next day?  Logic.  Procrastinated?  Logic.  Logic, your Mind, can be the worst enemy of your Manhood.

And the worst thing about it?  It’s subtle.  It comes in under the radar.  It camouflages itself as good sense.  Should I be writing my personal self-development log or working on that big money file coming due tomorrow?  You’re not sure, are you…  But you are.  Deep down, your common sense and “man-tuition” knows what the right decision is, but you’re inner wuss is doing its level best to hide the truth with clouds spewed out by your Mind.  This is why people sometimes tell you that you need to listen to your Gut, not your brains.

Your Manhood is deeper than your logic.  It’s underneath.  So is your inner wuss, if you have one.  And when confronted with a challenge, your Manhood fights with your inner wuss, devil, thief, rebel and with all the other dark and deprived Captains of your soul.  The more prevalent one wins out and takes control of the simple tool you call your Mind.

But there is a critical point.  A moment in which You, an even deeper You, can turn the tide.  It’s the split-second before your wuss, devil, or anyone grabs the hilt of the sword called Mind.  It’s the instant after you ask the question “should I go over and talk to her?” the moment before you actually think about taking a break, the split-second between Question and Thought.  The moment of most leverage, the time when you can help you your own Manhood, when you can help it cheat.

How you do that is simple.  Act.  Immediately.  Without thought, without question, without pondering the benefits and disadvantages.  Pre-decide on pure man-tuition and move, now, before you Mind has a chance to persuade you one way or another on its Captain’s orders.

If you try to think, well you’re not doomed, but you’re certainly walking uphill.  What you do when you commit to acting before thinking is to act on your basic, deep-level intent.  Is to act your primal instinct.  Usually, this is a strong choice.  Usually it’s the Man in you that gets the first word, the first impulse, feels the first passion.  See some beautiful girl, your Man inside desires her, before any other part of you gets a say.  See the chance for taking a break, the Man inside feels guilt and recoils from it, instantly.  Faced with procrastination, the inner Man knows you can do better.  Recognize the Man.  Act on the Man.

The fight will end before the inner wuss even has the chance to touch the Mind.  And once you’ve already started, once you have some momentum in your choice, it’s that much Harder for you to be stopped.  Once the train is moving, you have momentum, and the moving train is an irresistible force.

Simply put.  Face a Challenge.  Extinguish any chance of Thought with IMMEDIATE ACTION.  Cut it off like you’re the a$$@!@# driver cutting off the obnoxious driver.  Cultivate the habit of IMMEDIATE ACTION. So, as usual, the cure to wussiness is to instantly

Just Be a Man.

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