Stop Trading Your Manhood for Benefits, Compromise is Ball-Shrinking

“Oh, I’ll just be meek in front of my boss so he doesn’t fire me…  And that store clerk to get deals…  And my mother so she’s happy I’m her little baby…  And my friends so they don’t make fun of me for being a try-hard…”

If you sell your Manhood out for advantages, you might as well put your balls on the auction block.  But who would buy those shrunken dessicated sacks, now that you’ve drained them of everything Manly. Seriously, what girl, what guy, what business, what prospector, what recruiter, what investor, who is going to come along and see these balls on the auction block, after 23 hours a day being dried out and drained with meek, wussy behavior, who is going to notice that they have one HOUR of Masculinity left in them?

This crap has gotten entirely out of hand.  Sure, no generalization is 100% accurate.  You can’t be the same person all the time.  But I if you look at all the times you’ve compromised on being a Man, you’ll find you didn’t HAVE to do so.  You’ll find that you sold your masculine soul for a sandcastle.  A castle that washed away with the next high tide.

Your boss looks for manliness in those he promotes.  Your store clerk respects Men.  And your mother, though she might tear up and mourn the loss of her little baby, will be filled with pride at the Man you become.  You can’t justify compromising on your masculinity.

And yet you do it every day.  Constantly.  You have the choice to speak with strength, but you make a quick decision, consciously or subconsciously, to do what you’ve done before in that situation.  To SHRINK into yourself and let someone else lead, let someone else be the powerful one.  You try to buy safety with your most precious possessions, when all you’re buying is temporary affection, derision, weakness.  There’s a limit to how much someone can like a person they don’t respect, and by selling your Manhood out you’re taking the huge risk of losing that respect.

Now don’t be a brat and misinterpret Manhood to mean telling your boss to f@#$-off, arguing with every store clerk, and swearing in front of your parents.  That has nothing to do with being a Man.  Being a Man will, true, come out in your voice, but it doesn’t mean shouting, and it doesn’t mean being rude and doesn’t mean interacting like an ass.  Have some discretion.  But the times where having discretion means being a wuss are effectively limited to when the mafia boss is pointing his shotgun at and questioning one by one, the losers who f#%$#@-up the job, and you’re one of them.

Don’t sell out, don’t compromise, don’t barter with your Manhood.

Just be a Man.

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