Violent Competition With… Yourself.

There is a whiny little wussy inside each of us, even the Men, who sticks his head up every now again to bitch and moan.  Kill him.

Don’t give me any crap about how he is “you” and you need to “love yourself.”  This is exactly the sort of dick-shrinking talk that should be reserved for the mass-appeal commercial media or maternity education seminars.  Men kick the s#$@ out of stuff that gets in their way, both literally and figuratively, and the number one thing that gets in your way is that loser inside that keeps telling you not to do stuff.  Not to be more.

You know the random flashes that go through your head when you’re walking down the street:  I should tell that guy to screw off, I should tell her she’s cute, I should crash that house party, it looks hot, I should talk to my boss like a Man and not like a subservient gimp.  You know that voice.  It’s the part of you that’s still connected to your balls.  The other part is the part that tells you “nope, I’ll be embarassed” or “nope, I’m not good enough.”

Imagine that loser voice was an annoying neighbor who lived in the house/apartment next door.  Imagine that, every now and then, he’d walk into your room and tell you that you’re not good enough, that you shouldn’t take risks, that you need to play it safe.  Imagine he did this not once a day, but repeatedly, many times a day.  Would you tolerate this or would you deck him?  At the very least, you’d throw him out on his ass.

But there is a guy who does that to you.  And just that often.  It’s that inner wuss.  So why would you treat that guy any better than an annoying roommate?  Matter of fact, you should treat him worse.  He can do more damage.  He’s closer to you, has more power over your life and more responsibility.  If you want to be a Man, it should be your mission in life to murder that annoying inner brat.

This kind of rage is good.  It will fuel you.  Reacting with rage to your inner wuss raising its pimply face will give you just the kind of aggressive energy you need, exactly when you need it.  What you’re doing is separating *you* from this weak boy.  You’re making a distinction between the *you* that is strong, and the weak inner girly-man who you want to kick the s@#$ out of.

The thing is, that weak inner entity can’t live without you.  It feeds off your strength, it leeches energy and turns it into doubts and fear.  If you viciously beat it down whenever it raises its ugly head, it can’t feed anymore, and it weakens and dies.  And then all that’s left is the strong part, the Man, so finally you can

Just Be a Man.

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