Your Hero-Worship Shrinks Your Manhood

Women and boys hero-worship. Men look to themselves.

It’s one of the ways you can tell if society has wussified you.  If you get all giddy and excited seeing some strong male role model figuratively putting down his Manhood.  If you get a bit obsessed about it it’s called a “man crush” in some circles.  It’s the exact same thing as a girl gushing and squealing when her Manly partner comes down, picks her up and walks away with her.  She looks up to a strong male figure and wants to be owned and filled, literally and figuratively, with purpose, direction and strength.

Girly-men do this a lot, voluntarily or unknowingly.  They look up to some masculine figure, whether parent, celebrity, or someone else, and instead of being driven from within try to leech it off of someone they feel is stronger than them.

This is not the same thing as cheering for a sports team.  Men can revel in skill, strength and challenge, that’s great.  What they can’t do, what they’re utterly incapable of doing, is internally putting some other guy on a pedestal above them.  As soon as that starts happening to Men, it stops, because it’s transformed into a fiery competitive drive.

This is not the same thing as having a mentor.  The wisdom of other, fully-realized Men is invaluable.  But they are NOT. BETTER. THAN.  YOU.  Get that through your head.  And get all this bullshit hero worship out.

A part of this is that people have overactive imaginations.  They see someone on the big screen, or in a position of power, and extend the superficial image they’ve seen to cover all aspects of this person’s life.  But that’s a fantasy.  Everyone’s a human being, everyone’s flawed, and even the manliest Men have moments of weakness.  Whatever bullshit fantasy you have about whoever would dissipate quickly if you saw them at their weakest.  The only way worship works is if you ignore the truth, the weaknesses which characterize someone else.  Because if you realize that everyone’s a simple human being, than how can you worship them?  If everyone’s similarly flawed, then you might as well worship yourself.  Worship only works if a person is an unblemished, uniform God with no weaknesses or faults, or you can trick yourself that he is.  Once you start seeing someone for who they truly are, you start seeing similarities with yourself.  Which is a good thing, because you can’t be friends with Gods, and Gods cannot be friends with worshippers.  They’re way too damn annoying.

Let go of obsession and hero worship.  Find your role model in the mirror and

Just Be a Man.

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