Above All, Enjoy your Maddening DESIRE

For some inane reason, so many of you boy-men take the approach to your goals that’ll fuck you up the most. Don’t bother explaining, it’s just plain stupid when there is an approach that is satisfying, the path of least resistance and, for God’s sake, the most damn FUN.

But this article won’t help you until you have a frame of reference.  And you do, you just don’t use it. To find it, think of a time that you’ve seen something you passionately desired and thrown yourself, dick-first, into getting it.  The BEST example would be if you’ve seen a gorgeous girl walk by, and said to yourself “I MUST HAVE HER” and then gone after her with grit and determination, despite the five brothers standing right next to her, blaring music and the dozens of social norms you just violated.

But not everyone’s done that.  In fact, most girly-men do nothing while gorgeous girls walk by, even if they’re single, attractive, available, and giving signals.  But, for this lecture, that’s ok, we’re talking about how you feel about going after what you want, not whether or not you actually do it.

Do you remember how it felt to see that girl ?  To see that Maserati?  To see that bling?  That fine suit, huge mansion, loving family, cure to cancer, best-selling book, whatever…  Do you remember how it felt...

There’s lots of ways it could feel, but too many emotionally castrated boymen feel the same useless way…  They feel frustration.  That’s the “powerful” reference they call up. That’s how they use this incredibly powerful tool their body has developed, this emotional system, to make themselves feel jealous, frustrated, like s@$t.  So seeing objects of their desires make them feel bad.

It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyways) that this is ridiculous.  We’re Men.  At our best, we’re designed to be internally-directed, internally motivated, internally moved. We’re meant to have a vision and the energy to push not only ourselves, but everyone around us, our entire tribe, aggressively toward that vision.  That’s drive, that’s testosterone, that’s being a leader.  Visions don’t scare us, don’t make us jealous, don’t make us whine and pout, they fill us with a burning intensity . I MUST HAVE THAT.  This is us at our best.  This is what separates the desire of a MAN from that of a boy.

This is why the best keep at it.  They see what they want, they aggressively pursue it.  It’s a thrill.

And the following is the most important sentence in this entire diatribe:

Taking a perverse enjoyment out of throwing yourself at your objectives, out of hungering for that image before you, out of THE CHASE, is without a doubt, a powerful perspective that is an available option for you.

Accept this.  Recognize it.  Realize it.  One you do, you’ll have access to that visceral thrill of hunger and desire.  The joy of the hunt.  This simple focus will transform that half of your lives, for many of you, from lives of jealousy and weak sadness into maddening satisfying desire.  Yes, desire alone can be satisfying.

Don’t be scared of it.  The HUNGER and the THRILL.

Just be a Man.

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