Not a Man? What’s *Your* Excuse…

Blaming your lack of Manhood on ANYTHING other than your will dooms you to remain a child.

Those common excuses are bullshit.  I didn’t sleep enough.  I’m hungry.  I couldn’t fit in a testosterone-building workout.  I couldn’t meditate.  My dog pissed on my pant legs.  Whatever…  All bullshit.

Do you think Michael Jordan blamed his age when, at thirty-five, he was putting his “over the hill” heart and soul on the line and on his way to another MVP award?  Do you think Nelson Mandela blamed the shitty maggot-ridden prison food when he chose to stay behind bars, living in 7x9ft cell, rather than surrender to his jailers bribes in exchange for freedom.  How about those countless quadriplegics who succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations?  And you have the audacity to blame it on the fact that your nephew wrinkled your interview shirt, that the traffic jam put you in a bad mood, that you didn’t get enough of a good meal that night.  Do you seriously think your excuse is good enough?

You gotta start looking at your own excuses full in the face, you gotta acknowledge that they are what is commonly known as BULLSHIT.  You gotta start realizing it’s about YOU.  Not about anything else, just YOU.

If your drive is internal, as a Man’s drive needs to be.  If your Manhood points the way to your driving passion.  If you have enough presence and weight behind your deep self, then no obstacle really needs to be thought about for more than developing strategy.  Spending one second regretting what happened because you think it in any way compares to your own Manhood as a factor in getting what you want…  Well, that’s one second totally wasted.

Strategize all around it all you want bud, strategy is not the point.  The point is perspective.  One the one hand, we have your balls, your burning, self-directed, hot as lava inner drive.  On the other you have everything outside yourself.

First things first, and virtually meaningless bullshit never.

I’m not going to say don’t “think” about it.  Strategizing around obstacles is important, is required.  Go ahead and iron your shirt.  Go ahead and have your coffee in the morning, or whatever floats your boat.  But even one article on this blog gets you going, if something you hear, think, or read can inspire you to be the Man you need to be, then recognize that it’s that fire, that passion, that MANhood that’ll carry you through, not the minor excuses you keep hanging your hat on.  Hanging your hat on before you put your tail between your legs and scurry into the corner like a beaten dog.  You’re better than this.

I guarantee it.  Do me the honour of acknowledging it and

Just Be a Man.

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