Praise Poisons Manhood. Learn to Deal.

If compliments make your heart flutter, your Manhood is poisoned.

You know that glowing feeling you get when someone tells you how much they look up to you?  How about that minor giddiness you get when someone tells you you’re a great guy.  That you’re hot.  Smart.  Strong.  You know how great you feel when people compliment you?  When you’re validated…

Yeah, give that shit up.  You’re doing all this work to be a Man, to kill the kid you got lurking inside, to grow into the self-reliance and strength that characterizes a Man and what do you go and do?  Tie yourself to validation.  Great move [sarcasm].  All you’re doing is building a habit.  The habit of letting other people determine how you feel.

Men don’t let others, especially women ‘n kids, determine their inner world.  Not because they’re putting so much effort into ignoring them, because ignoring is just another weak reaction.  It’s the same thing as a spiteful brat sulking silently (but obviously) in the corner because he didn’t get what he wanted.  Is that what you want to be, no of course not.  Nor do you want to be the yippy dog that jumps over itself to impress you.  Yip!  Yip!  Yip!  Yip!  Yip!

Do you want to be a Chihuahua?  You know damnably annoying they are.  If you want to build Chihuahua habits, then go ahead and enjoy the validation that comes from compliments.  It can be really warming and satisfying, right… Wrong.

It’s warming and satisfying to you because you’ve got a big empty HOLE where your self-directed Manhood should be.  Because your sack is empty, you need someone else to fill it with their praise.  THAT’s why it feels good.  THAT’s why you’ll never be a Man.

To truly achieve something, you gotta let it go.  You gotta be bigger than it.  If something validates you, then it’s Bigger than you.  Be on guard for that validation, and refuse to accept it, crush it, whenever you feel it..  Let me say that again so you get it through your thick skull…

If something validates you, then it’s Bigger than you.

Do you want things to be bigger than you or do you want to be a Man.  It’s a simple question and you can only answer yes or no.  You can either accept the feeling of validation, that weak fluttering of your heart and artificial pride founded on someone else’s words, someone else’s judgment, someone else’s reality, or you can realize that your own Vision is 1000 times more important than anything “they” could possibly say.  That your minor successes don’t mean squat, since you already know you’re a success, since you put shit down.  That nothing, nothing, nothing is bigger than You and Your Vision, your deep-seated Passion.

Listen to the canary in the coal mine.  Listen to that validation, notice when it comes by to f@#$ you up.  Notice it, then abandon it, let it go, because you’re better than it,

Just Be a Man.

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