Your Manhood is not a Bridge, Measuring It Will NOT HELP

In the Top 5 things guys do to f@#@ up their Manhood, pretty close to the top you’ll find:  analyzing it.  I don’t literally mean checking out their junk, but in a way it’s exactly the same thing.  And just as useful.  Looking at your dick never made it grow.  Measuring inches won’t help build ‘em.

What if you saw someone writing down their schlong’s color, shade, hue, angles, shape, all that crap, would that be of any use whatsoever, NO.  Obviously not.  So why do you do the same thing with the rest of your Manhood?  Your “self-esteem,” your “confidence,” your self-trust, everything.  Sure, a bit of knowledge could come in handy, but what possible purpose can this incredible obsession serve, NONE.

Especially because, if you’re not a Man, you’re gonna end up viewing it negatively.  You’ll WASTE your precious time viewing it negatively.  More than a waste because it’s not just throwing away your time, it’s actively hurting you.  If you celebrate yourself, then go ahead, spend some time checking yourself out.  I do it in the mirror all the time.  If you’re focusing on your negative flaws to accept them and move on, go ahead.  But this whiny obsession because you mistake your Manhood for a bridge, and yourself for an engineer, this pisses me off.

Little boys need to get it through their heads, this will NOT HELP YOU.  It’s your weak brain that’s screwing you up to begin with, if you give it play, that won’t help.  If you talk with your friends about it, won’t take you anywhere.  Sure, there’s a minimum level of knowledge and discussion that might come in handy, some discussion here and there so you have the broad strokes of a solution, but 90% of that time that ends up in harmful WHINING.  Whining will kill your Manhood just as sure as spending 12-hours a day looking at your schlong won’t MOVE it.

Think about when you get aroused.  Getting hard is the canary in the coal mine, it’s the barometer, in a way, of your testosterone and Manhood.  Does arousal happen from looking at your schlong, NO.  It comes from looking at what you DESIRE.  It’s more complicated than that, but you get the picture, I’m sure, so for God’s sake stop justifying your ANALYSIS and

Just Be a Man.

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