It’s a Damn Lie. You Can Be a MAN Instantly.

You don’t need to learn anything.  You don’t need to remember squat.  Even a testosterone-filled muscle bound alpha-male body isn’t required.  Right now, you need jack, you can be a Man INSTANTLY.

But you won’t be.  Half of that is because, for some ridiculous reason, you haven’t realized that, despite forgetting your MANhood, it does manage to raise it’s brutish head above the pile of teddy bears and pillows long enough to let out a primal roar.  Long enough that you should have recognized it.  It HAS been expressed.  In almost every single one of you, weak or not, that Manhood of yours has come out to play.

But it isn’t you yet.  That can’t happen until the kid is dead, but Manhood IS lurking there underneath.  And you know it because you’ve seen it.  Not when your parents lecture you, not when your team loses or you fail at your job, and not when your wife emasculates you with her high pitched whine.  But when you’ve been on top, those moments when you’ve been literally forced to take the reigns OR ELSE, when your body recognizes that your position requires it, that any other option would be unsafe, this is when your Manhood truly gets out.

Don’t bullshit me.  Don’t tell me it hasn’t happened to you.  Do you have a little sister you speak down to?  Do you have a friend, just a a bit more of a loser than you, that you have had to “show the ropes.”  Have you been made the leader of something, the head of something, and been forced to lead when there was no other option?  Have you been the most competent man for a job, ever?  Hell, have you been the all-powerful director of your pathetic stash of fluffy teddy bears?  Have you ever, ever, truly taught anyone anything?  You HAVE.

Let me tell you what kind of voice was speaking then.  It was the seed of your inner Man.  It may not have totally blossomed yet.  It may not have grown into fullness.  Perhaps it hadn’t reached it’s full Manly potential.  If you don’t KNOW you’re a Man, then it has lots of room to grow.  But, admit it or not, it’s proof that you can be a Man.  And it’s waiting inside.

And it took exactly JACK to come out.  Nil, nada, jack, it took no special injections of testosterone, no crazy workout, it didn’t take months of memorizing mantras, years of meditative training, hundreds of people chanting a prayer, weeks in the wilderness, nothing.  You find yourself in a situation and it just LETS the Man out.  It’s that simple, it gives itself permission.

“No danger here for the Man, in fact, he’s needed, let’s let him out.”  That’s what your body does.  It knows the tribe isn’t going to notice you out of place and bash you on the head until you go back to your special dirty beta-male corner of the cave, IN FACT, it knows that, without your inner MAN, things will be worse, and so it just LETS IT OUT.

That’s all it takes.  Boom, done.  The sooner you realize that fact, the quicker, easier and more often you’ll see that side of yourself.  How do you realize it?  Truly grasping that fact takes some work, if you have bad habits of weakness.  But that’s what this blog is for bud, stay tuned.  And remember, the whole time, it’s WAITING INSIDE, so you are perfectly able, right now, to

Just Be a Man.

PS – Surround yourself with Manliness so your brain realizes the standard.  Subscribe to this blog and reread regularly to keep your Manhood going strong.

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