Speak like a Man, or You’ll Act Like a Wuss

The meek will NOT inherit the earth.

Men are LOUD.  Boisterous.  Aggressive.  They draw attention to themselves.  Why?  Because they want to be heard and they’re not afraid of attention.  Why should they be?  Their value comes from their massive balls, not from any external appreciation or approbation.  Being loud is just sharing their value with others, EVERYONE WINS.  That’s how a Man views volume.  More importantly, that’s how he feels about volume.

But the meek are not like this.  They have the utterly useless thought that, if they draw attention to themselves, people will find out that they’re full of shit and criticize them.  They’re scared of criticism because they know that, if they’re critized, they’ll lose the appreciation on which they found their existence.  A building built on quicksand.  Hence, when they do end up whispering anything in hushed tones barely overheard by others, people notice how frail it is and they do get kicked in the balls.  A self-fulfilling prophecy.  The most dangerous thing is to be meek.

Weak people cannot be loud.  Your body knows this.  It’s programmed to recognize that, if you’re loud, big Man things need to be done.  If you shout, it fills you with energy.  If your volume is up when you’re in company, it turns up the volume on your Manhood because, of course, it assumes you must be a Man if you’re not scared of what people think.  The scientists put a bunch of men in a particular pose, telling them it was for something else, and found out that their physicality sent a signal to their brain, and testosterone was released.  But we don’t need scientists to tell us this do we?  Speak louder, in company, see how it feels.  Walk and stand like a Boss, see how it feels.  I’ll tell you, but you already know…  It feels like a Man.

If you’re meek now in how you speak, there’s only way to defeat this particular difficulty.  Be LOUD.  Louder than usual.  Do it enough that your brain realizes *hey, this isn’t so bad*, your Manhood expands and it becomes your default.  It takes a bit of memory, to remember to do something different, repetition and, of course, balls, but the dividends are huge.

It’s biological.  Have you ever been in the gym, been unable to lift something, shouted in anger, and beyond reason lifted that weight you were having trouble with?  I’m sure you’ve been about to drop, run to your last ounce of energy, and then grunted with intensity and all of a sudden been able to finish those last few yards.  How, exactly?  That’s the secret that’ll make you a Man.

Your physicality is tied to your Manhood.  The volume knob on your life is in many ways the volume knob on your Manhood.  Loud volume will inject you with adrenaline and testosterone.

Now there’s a lot more voice, and ways and times to speak softly, but as a Man, and even ways speaking loudly can equal being meek, but I’ll write about that later on.  Volume is fundamental.  Louder volume, even if it’s just a bit louder, will prove to you that you don’t need to be scared of how big of a Man you are.

You’ll discover this for yourself, Just Be a Man.

PS – You need to be exposed, regularly and often, to real Men and Manly Wisdom before your it sinks into your brain and changes it.  You need to be surrounded by it so it becomes your context.  To do this, dial your email into the SUBSCRIBE feature on this blog, we’ll let you know when we have new fresh, ball-growing, testosterone-inducing content.  Read it.  Then reread it.  The subscribe link should be somewhere easily accessible on this page.

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