“I’ll be a Man tomorrow…” NO. You won’t…

“I’ll be a Man tomorrow.”  NO.  You won’t.

And this mindset, “it’s ok to do it tomorrow,” this is the mindset that guarantees you’ll never become a Man.  The rationalization, somewhere in your childish little head, of your excuses.  That because work was hard today, or you’re sick today, or you only got two hours of sleep, that it’s ok to be a little baby boy just on this one day.

Why does it work this way?  Why does the slightest smell of smoke mean there’s a fire?  That you’re a wuss…  It’s because systems, whether we’re talking about a Man or a train, inevitably move at the speed, the efficiency, the effectiveness of their weakest link.  Or they inexorably move towards it.  For example, what would you think is going to happen to a commercial jetliner if the Captain suddenly announced over the intercom one flight…

“We’re having a bad wing day, so we’re just going to cruise at two hundred feet today instead of thirty thousand.  Just for today.  We’ll go back up tomorrow.”

Whatever logical excuses the Captain gave just wouldn’t matter, would they?  If that happened then you would know right away:  this Plane will crash.  Maybe not this flight, maybe not the next one, but slowly, inexorably, it’ll fly lower and lower until it always flies at two hundred feet, and one day just dives into the Pacific.

How similar is that to saying “I’ll just be weak today, because it’s a tough day, and then I’ll act like a Man again tomorrow.”  If you think this is ok, you’ll gravitate to that weakness, you won’t be able to help it.  The weakest link in your chain will determine how heavy a weight you can lift.  If, verbally or unconsciously, you accept that “it’s ok” to be less than a Man on your weak days, then that weak link will never be repaired.

The good news is that you’ve read this article now, and you’re aware of the problem.  Read it a bunch.  Consciously (and eventually unconsciously,) you’ll start to remember, when you’re going through hard times, than allowing yourself to be “less than” is a death sentence for your Manhood.  You’ll spend more and more times, on those tough days, first a few minutes, then an hour, then a few hours, doing your best to be a Man, because the day is harder.

Awareness and small steps will lead the repair of the weak link.  On your very worst days, you won’t be so bad at all.  You might act different, but you’ll retain the core of what makes you a Man.  You’ll have taken a giant leap towards Manhood.

Just be a Man.

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