Don’t be Manipulated. Manhood is primal, not political social, or even moral. Villains can also be Men.

Manhood is primal, not political, social, or even moral.  It’s a Tool and Fundamental *Force* of your character.

There are Men from all classes and creeds.  Rich Men, Poor Men, Liberal Men, Conservative Men, Good Men and, yes, Evil Men.  Manhood has nothing to do with any particular culture or creed, and it can’t be boxed into your political views.  Manhood is about strength, aggressiveness, persistence, courage and a whole bunch of broad characteristics that can be used, like a hammer, to bash in a nail or bash in a head, depending on the Man.

So all this bullshit about a “real” Man doing one thing or the other, taking care of his kids, supporting the poor, working towards good, being Tall or Short, handy or a smart, this shit sounds great.  Hell, I even support those things, but they have nothing to do with being a Man.  If you don’t get that in your head, you’ll waste your time working towards things you’re not gonna achieve much at anyways, not until you’ve spent your due to grow your balls as a Man.

Manhood is PRIMAL.  It’s a deep founded structural force inside you.  It can’t think through logic or ethics or modern political theory.  It can just ROAR.

Just be a Man.

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