Run on empty, and you’ll find out if you’re a Man or a Coward.

When your tank goes to empty, you’ll find out if you’re a Man, or a Coward.

You’re not gonna find out when times are easy.  When you have gas in the tank.  All you’ll see is fuel, combusting easily, pushing you forward, as intended.  As any poorly made model is designed to do.  But when times are rough, when you believe you have nothing left, and you peer down the well and all you see is black.  When you climb down that dank dark shaft to search for water and your feet hit only solid rock instead.  That is when you’ll feel the bedrock of your Manhood.  That is when you can actually find out if you’re a Man.

And the real trick is, only THEN can you *add* to your character as a Man.

Ever been in the gym and tried to move an immovable weight.  You strain and let go, and like a pussy think it’s too much.  But you say “Fuck it.”  You scrunch up your face, grunt like a caveman, breath like a caged stallion and just muscle it up.  It’s doable.  And you did it.  You saw what you were made of and, more than that, you made some more.

Create and treasure those moments of overwhelmed desperation.  They’re when you’re at your best.

Just Be a Man.

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