Problems Only Weaken Wusses

Challenges are only problems for Girly-men.

Men have incredible amounts of testosterone.  Winning Men have more.  It’s why, after your team loses, a drop of saliva will show less testosterone.  And vice versa.  It’s why, if you inject someone full of testosterone, they’ll become uber-competitive.  Dominant.  Aggressive.

The thing is, if you’re a Man, so-called “problems” and “issues” will only light a fire under you.  You’ll work harder, play stronger, and fight forever.  Instead of asking “why me?” like girly-men, you’ll celebrate challenges, which fill you with Man-sized, guts-powered aggression.  Real men channel adversity into balls.  Girly-men wuss out and ask “why me.”  Weakening to challenge is a sign of low testosterone, a mindset that makes it harder to ever produce the testosterone you need to overcome adversity.

Just be a Man.

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